26 May 2009

Standing at the Top of the Slope

Much to my relief, Proposition 8 stands, and California's constitution defines marriage as between a man and a woman. So far, the attacks on LDS facilities I feared (based on the misconduct of gay "marriage" advocates back when 8 passed) have not materialized, but it's only been six hours as I type this. We shall see.

The excellent blog "Thinking in a Marrow Bone" has an article that I think makes some very valid points regarding what comes next if gay "marriage" becomes legal. I agree completely with the writer, and in fact am surprised that gay "marriage" advocates aren't also advocating polygamy, incestuous marriage, or pedophilia as "oppressed sexual minorities". They're only interested in getting what they want, like most immature types who can't bear the existence of rules against their wishes.

Please read carefully: I do NOT claim that homosexuals are pedophiles (with the exception of those creeps at NAMBLA and like-minded organizations that actively advocate adult/child sex). Pedophiles, however, claim they're an oppressed and persecuted sexual minority who were "born that way" (sound familiar?). I'm quite sure they'll start claiming that legal protection for gay adults that doesn't include them is in itself discriminatory, and in logical terms, they'd be right. To be consistent, gay "marriage" advocates would have to also want protection for other "alternative lifestyles".

Pardon me while I get my stomach under control.

Contrary to the claims of the gay crowd, I (a Temple-married LDS woman) do not hate them as people. I have a gay uncle with a partner who's been consistently in the picture for nearly my entire life (said partner is great, and I accord him honorary uncle status). I have gay neighbors I'm friendly with. Disagreeing with your lifestyle choices does not mean I hate you as a human being. It simply means I disagree with your decisions. I don't agree with any lifestyle choices outside God's laws of chastity and virtue. God's law on sexuality is simple: complete chastity before lawful marriage, complete fidelity during same. I understand that this can be a struggle, especially in an over-sexualized society (I am human), but God's not going to change His eternal laws to accord with mortal whim, and yes, you CAN control your sexual urges and channel them in morally appropriate ways.

I do hate some philosophies, such as the "no right and wrong, my feelings decide morality" that is so common in modern society. Simply put, whether you like it or not, God has given us moral laws for our benefit. You can certainly choose to disregard those laws, but you can't force everyone else to do so. Nor do you get to claim the sacred relation of marriage without living to be worthy of that eternal blessing. God will never decide that the sacred relation of marriage can exist between two men or two women, not when the family is the fundamental building block of our eternal destiny (not to mention our earthly society). See the Proclamation on the Family for the way it is, whether human "wisdom" concurs or not.

Assuming California is not destroyed by the riots that will probably result from Proposition 8 standing, one can hope other states will follow our lead and stand for the family and for God's laws.

[minor edit to correct a grammatical error about half an hour after original posting]


  1. And that "slope" is very slippery. But for now, if only for a moment -- we are standing at the top once again.

  2. I believe that most LDS people have someone they know and love who have chosen an alternative lifestyle. I, like you, do not approve of their lifestyle, but certainly still love them as individuals. The "hate" that is being felt from those who oppose Prop 8 is the same "hate" they use to show their frustration. In my mind it simply shows that tolerance goes only one way today.

  3. Felixandava said: "I do hate some philosophies, such as the 'no right and wrong, my feelings decide morality.'"

    I couldn't agree more. The moral relativism- the idea that morality is subjective and depends totally on an individual point of view - is part of what's led this country into the mess it's in.


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