16 November 2010

Studying Scripture Study :)

I know, it's been much too long since I posted. Sorry.

I intend to spend the next two weeks working my way through the
Institute manual for Religion 115, titled "Scripture Study - The Power
of the Word". It's only 15 chapters, should be doable at a chapter a
:) I figure some basic study is a good idea, since I've fallen out
of the habit of Gospel study and need to get back into gear.

If anyone cares to take a look, this manual can be found online, along
with lots of other useful study manuals, at
http://institute.lds.org/eng/ (as a PDF), or at
http://institute.lds.org/manuals/scripture-study-principles-the-power-of-the-word-teacher-manual/, in online ASP format.

My notes on Chapter 1, What Is Scripture?:

The Lord's definition of Scripture is that which is spoken by
inspiration from the Holy Ghost to the designated leaders of His Church.
The canon of Scripture is not closed, since we have living prophets
authorized to give new revelations from the Lord and refine previous
revelations. Nowhere in the Bible is it stated that the Lord has
revealed all there is to be given us, while latter-day revelation
clearly states that there is more yet to be revealed (see Articles of
Faith 1:9), for example the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, the
Scriptures given to the Lost Tribes of Israel, and probably other things
we don't even yet know exist. The Standard Works are those Scriptures
which have been given to the Church so far, as revelations from the
Lord, binding on us in matters of faith and doctrine. They can be and
have been added to by revelation to the living prophet (the only one
authorized to go beyond the Standard Works when teaching doctrine) and
are used to measure the truth of what we are taught.

On a more speculative side note, am I the only one who considers it
likely that the Proclamation on the Family will at some point be canonized?