27 April 2009

Starting Out

Well, here I am entering the wonderful world of blogging. At this point, I don't have a lot to say that I can think of.

Basic bio: I'm 39 (as of this writing), female, married. Felix and Ava are my cat and dove (respectively). We live with my husband Bob in Sacramento, CA. Bob and I are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Bob was born and raised in the Church, I converted in 1994 at age 24. Bob and I were married in 1995 in the Los Angeles Temple.

Felix joined the family a month after the wedding. We agreed we needed a cat, so off I went to the shelter (Bob had to work that day), where the cat they were calling "Soldier" made it clear he was claiming me. When I got him home, he got the point across that the name the shelter had given him was not his name and I needed to find the correct name. After a few days of getting to know him, I started trying out names on him, and "Felix" was the one he reacted the most strongly to, so that's his name now. No, I had not heard of the "Felix the Cat" cartoon when I named him, I was thinking of the Odd Couple character.

Ava adopted us near the end of 2002. I had opened the door to go take a walk one very cold evening and caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Turned out to be an injured ringneck dove. We took the bird in, not sure it would survive its injuries. A "found" ad in the local paper failed to turn up the bird's original owner, so a new family member was added. We initially named the bird "Avery", thinking we had a male. When we moved to Sacramento in 2004, a neighbor who was a vet tech and familiar with doves, was also sure we had a male, based on amount and volume of cooing. So "he" surprised us one morning when we found the wreckage of an egg in the cage. As best we can figure, she unloaded the egg while on a perch. She was duly renamed. :-)

My major interests are reading, needlework and crafts, and Sudoku.

I doubt I'll update all that frequently, basically when something's on my mind.

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