30 April 2009

Laying In and Laying Low

OK, maybe not the most grammatically correct title, but it works for me. :-)

Here in Sacramento, swine flu has been reported, so I'm doing my best to minimize exposure for both myself and DH. I just completed a grocery run that should hopefully, when combined with stuff we had already, hold us for two weeks (by then, this should be winding down or over, right?). I went early enough that stores were lightly populated and did not take DH. He's the one with a job right now, so it would be a bigger problem if he were to miss work and lose income. Better that I be the one exposed to the general population, since it would be inconvenient but not a major problem for me to be ill.

Long's (in my area, in the process of becoming CVS) was setting up a display of cold/flu stuff, hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks. WalMart did not have such a display, but did have hand sanitizer readily available on entry (I did employ some on my shopping cart handle as well as my hands. You never know).

The grocery run went fine, but I'm still bewildered about the bagger at Trader Joe's who thought putting a 1/2 gallon container of soy milk on top of a loaf of bread was a good idea.

At this point, the only exposure we're likely to have is DH going to work and our church attendance. Usually on Saturday, we go out for lunch, but I think this week we're getting something delivered. Must remember that it's Fast Sunday this week.

Big project for the next few days: finishing DMIL's Mother's Day gift, which is a plastic canvas needlepoint tote bag she requested (this is the second one, she's used the first one to death). I'll probably wind up having to ship it express, which is my own fault for not finishing the project sooner.

Traffic was pretty light (in Sacramento, this is always a good thing) and the general intelligence level of that traffic seemed higher than normal for here. Sacramento drivers are crazy.


  1. I hope you'll post a picture of the completed bag when it is done.

    It's hard for me to remember fast Sunday sometimes too. Thanks for the reminder. I hope you're able to stay healthy!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Zarahemla Times! I enjoy your blog!

  3. Amanda, I plan to, once it's had time to reach DMIL (she knows what she's getting, but the color is still a surprise and she knows I have a blog so might be reading (smile)). So far, DH and I are healthy, and he talked me into going out Saturday after all (he thinks the worries about the flu are greatly exaggerated).

    Kevin, thanks for the compliment. I got a major kick out of Zarahemla Times (love LDS humor). You're at least as funny as 9th Ward.


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